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Zamolxes is the first king and also priest of Dacian land, the one Herodotus said he was “whether man or daimon”, “daimon” meaning half-god, a man between god and hero. Also, Herodotus and other ancient Greek historians said he was a great sage.

Like many people with Indo-European roots, Dacians gave to Zamolxes a totem: the Bear Totem. King, priest and protector of his people, he will reach the status of “god” following his actions (Zamolxes spent 3 years in a cave serving spiritual evolution and meditation). The fact was so important that those 3 years turned into a new funerary ritual: the one who passed away was kept 3 days in order to be praised or cried, and then incinerated. In this way, soul and body were separated.

There are many similarities between the cult of Zamolxe, that of Orpheus and Jesus Christianity, some of them being music (its role was actually very important: religious music could “soothe” the spirits and warriors’ actions), their title (they were kings) or wine substance used in different ceremonies (the way wine was made corresponded to their lives: all 3 personalities died, came back from the dead, and then entered into eternity).

The supreme god of Dacian pantheon is also considered by modern historians a god of earth and different versions of his name are displayed: Zalmoxis, Salmoxis etc. Dacians were practicing the cult of Zamolxes mostly in the mountains, as Sarmizegetusa or other fortresses built in Orăștie Mountains.

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