The Romanian Giants

© – Long barrows over the Romanian territory

Nowadays, the former Dacian fortress Argedava (the first capital of Dacia under King Burebista) is called Nucet. Nucet is the highest point of Getic fortresses complex extended on 17km.

Nucet is also called “Argedava Top” or “Gods’ Necropolis”, being Burebista’s most important fortress. Along with other mounds from Grădinari – Ogrezeni – Adunaţii-Copăceni area, Nucet is said to have been lifted by giants. These fortifications were built on the old structures of settlements founded around the 8th millennium BC.

Between 1946 and 1954 this area have unearthed more than 80 human skeletons with a height of more than 5m. It seems that Dacians and, later, Romanian people have inherited from giants the habit of creating long barrows (barrow tombs) or “morminte tumulare” in Romanian. The Romanian word “tumul” (mound of soil or stone, conical or pyramidal, which is built over a grave for protection) resembles to the Mayan word “muul ” (pyramid or hill). The long barrows were not found only in Argeş, Ilfov or Giurgiu county, but also in Dobrogea area (Mangalia,  Limanu , Vama Veche) etc. In plus, some old Romanian constructions were built preserving the giants’ construction style: e.g. churches with their outside walls painted in white, with no murals or mosaics.

Giant skeletons were found in various places of the current Romanian territory: Scăieni village in Buzău county (skeletons of about 2.4 m), Valea Plopului village in Prahova county (a giant of about 3 m) etc. The name “Novac” comes from a giant human and it “baptized” various places from Romania (“Brazda lui Novac”) or heroes from folktales: “Novac şi Corbul”, “Gruia lui Novac” etc. From this magnificence, there remained titles such as “Your Majesty” or “Your Highness”.

One of the most important Dacian fortresses that are related to giants from the distant past, Argedava may be visited in Popeşti, near Mihăileşti town, Giurgiu County.

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