The Great Picnic – An Urban Film Event in Bucharest

© - The Great Picnic in Bucharest

“The Great Picnic” is a retrospective outdoor event with the most appreciated short films from the last 4 years of ShortsUP programmes. Lying on the grass, far enough from the noise of the crowded Romanian capital, film lovers will be delighted with quality short films in the middle of an urban picnic.

The films will be soft romantic comedies and wanderlust stories, and they will come to life on the 13th of July evening. Some of the video projections will be: “Pe muchia destinului” (by Verena Fels), ” Paul Rondin est… Paul Rondin ” (by Frédérick Vin), ” Dragoste la prima vedere ” (by Michael Davies) and many other short films awarded at different European festivals.

Besides the film event, there will be many entertaining activities as promenades through the Botanical Garden of Bucharest, outdoor games, board games and delicious snacks.

ShortsUP is a project founded in 2010 that promotes quality short films. Praised by the Romanian director Cristian Mungiu, the project is organized by the non-profit association ORICUM (ANYWAY). For an unforgettable atmosphere and wonderful stories in the middle of an urban picnic, film lovers are expected on the 13th of July at the Botanical Garden of Bucharest, “Italian Garden” area, Portocalelor Street.

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