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“Subcarpați” is the Romanian term for the hilly ridges surrounding the Carpathian Mountains (Subcarpathians). Since 2010, it is also the name of an underground Romanian band that took the authentic folklore and transformed it into a modern, electronic one. Subcarpați band was founded by Bean (Alexe Marius Andrei), Romanian singer and producer who is working with many Romanian artists from hip-hop and electronic areas: Chimie, Kazi Ploae, Dragonu’, Mara, Brio, Alina Alexe, Rufi and so on. Starting as a musical power from the underground sphere, Bean turned this project in a very appreciated and popular style. Bean was already a “commercial” figure as he has been the vocalist of another popular band since 2009: Șuie Paparude.

Subcarpați project means an amazing combination between Romanian folklore with its original messages and modern hip-hop and electronic music with lyrics written by the band, metaphores on ordinary Romanian life with a psychedelic “touch”. In this way, Bean managed to transform the authentic folklore into a tremendous music style for young people.

The Romanian band released so far 2 albums for free: “Subcarpați” (Subcarpathians in 2010) and “Etnologic” (Ethnological in 2011). In addition, in 2011 a compilation of remixed folkloric songs was released under the name “Culese din Cartier” (Neighbourhood Gathering), compilation that attracted important figures from Romanian electronic music: Gojira, DJ Vasile, Matze, DJ Undoo, Eelctric Brother etc.

The Guardian, in collaboration with Music Alliance Pact, published a list of the best songs in the world (in July 2012), and Romania was represented by Subcarpați song: Underground Folklore. According to The Guardian: “Subcarpați is an explosive mixture of old and new. It’s an eclectic combination that brings together melancholy Romanian folk songs, Romanian unity songs, traditional instruments and the rhythms of trip-hop, dubstep, hip-hop and dancehall” (posted on 18th of July 2012,

With a notoriety that has already left the country’s borders, the band has a new structure since the end of 2012: MC Bean, Vali Umbră, Georgiana Mănăilă, DJ Power “on vynil” and VJ Andrei. In April 2013, Subcarpați will have 2 concerts: one at Cluj Napoca (Cluj county) and one in Vienna (Austria). Its latest concert took place on 23rd of March in Timișoara (Timișoara county), in SETUP Venue & Club, 22 Pestalozzi Street.

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