Sarmizegetusa Regia – The Ancient Dacian Fortress


      Our first article is about one of the most spiritual places from Romania. Before the birth of Christ, Dacians were established as the rulers of this territory. Descending from Nord Thrace, Dacians started to rule most part of today’s Romanian territory, since the last decades of the second millennium B.C. With the Transylvanian Plateau serving as the center of their kind, they built here several fortifications: Sarmizegetusa, Blidaru, Cetăţuia, Luncani, Căpâlna and Băniţa. Sarmizegetusa Regia was the capital of all regions united under the name of  Dacia. Also known as the “soul of Dacia”, concentrated here were the economic, military and religious powers. The citadel was erected from massive blocks of stone  and occupied a 30.000 m2 areal. At the beginning, the wall of the citadel measured 3 m in broadness and up to 5 m in height. Sarmizegetusa included 7 sanctuaries (only 2 were circular, the rest being square-built), the citadel and the settlement. In fact, it was the single establishment with these 3 parts associated, reuniting priests, warriors, craftsmen, tradesmen and manual workers with different occupations (metallurgy, glass work etc.). While the greatest sanctuary built here seemed to be a Stonehenge monument in miniature, the circular calendar (like an “andesite sun”) resembled the famous Maya calendar.

      Sarmizegetusa Regia was destroyed during two great wars between Dacians and Romans (the first: 101-102 A.D., the second: 105-106 A.D.). After de Roman conquest, it was built another capital, known as Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, 40 km away from the original one. Nowadays, the sacred capital of Dacia, Sarmizegetusa Regia, can be found in Grădiştea Muncelului, on Muncelu Hill, not too far from another ancient settlement, Costeşti.

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