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Inaugurated on 2nd of December 1896, Iași National Theatre received the name of Vasile Alecsandri (Romanian poet and playwright) in 1956 on the occasion of celebrating 140 years from the first theatre show in Romanian language. The opening celebrations included the National Moldavian Overture for orchestra by Alexandru Flechtenmacher, the vaudeville The Muse from Burdujeni by Costache Negruzzi, the play Cinel-cinel by Vasile Alecsandri and the poetic drama The Romantic Poet by Matei Millo. The income for the first night of celebrations was donated to the poor from Iași and the income from the second night was given to the artists from Iași Dramatic Society.

Built by Ferdinand Fellner Junior and Hermann Helmer, Iași National Theatre has 4 rooms: the Great Hall (capacitiy 750 with a great parquet, balconies and boxes with baroque and rococo-inspired ornaments), “Uzina cu Teatru” Hall (about 100 seats), “Teofil Vâlcu Studio” Hall (50-100 seats, depending on the show) and “Teatru3” Hall (opened in 2008 with the 5th edition of “Avram Goldfaden” International Theater Festival, with 150-180 seats). The newest Hall won the National Award of Architecture in 2008 (Bucharest), during the Architecture Biennale.

With more than 1.400 electric lamps and a chandelier crystal with 109 bulbs of Venice crystal, the Theatre was painted by Austrian maestro David M. Lenz, one of his disciples and the painter Alexander Goltz. The paintings symbolize life with its 3 stages, the Union of Romanian Principalities and an allegory of Paradise.

The Theatre hosted important projects as “Societarea Teatrului Național și arta lor” (recital celebrating the artistic maturity), “Tineri pentru tineri” (project for those who graduated Theatre Departments), “Art Factory”, “Arlechin on-line” and “Teatrul ca terapie” (play shows for people from Psychiatric Hospital “Socola”).

Some of the most praised plays that were put on stage here are: A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, Nonsense in the Moonlight by Teodor Mazilu, Hollywood Mirage by Ion Sapdaru, The Great Fire by Ray Bradbury, Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, Rhinoceros by Eugène Ionesco, The Mountain Giants by Luigi Pirandello etc.

At the end of November until 3rd of December 2011, Iași Theatre hosted “Europa Est de Tot – Reuniuni Teatrale”, event dedicated to Moldavian Theatre (both Romanian province and the independent state – Republic of Moldova). This project promoted the artistic expressions and enhanced the intercultural dialogue between Romania and Moldova. As an artistic masterpiece and also a place where people can spend some quality time enjoying a perfect play, Iași National Theatre “Vasile Alecsandri” is located on 18 Agatha Bârsescu Street, Iași, Iași county.

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