Ia (part 2) – Introduction to Traditional Romanian Costumes

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The most important piece of the traditional female costume in Romania is ia. It preserves tradition through its ornaments which highlight the differences in age, social status and life events. There are 3 types of Romanian blouses: the oldest – ia “de-a întregul” (a shirt that used to reach to the ankles), ia and ia with “platcă” (a lined rectangle located over the shoulders – city influence). The first type of Romanian blouse is considered to be born in Cucuteni culture (starting the 6th century B.C.).

Using flax, hemp, silk or cotton, the front and the back of every ie bear the name “stan”, and the bottom is called “poale”. Floral patterns are numerous and tell never-ending stories about the history of feminity. In the past, married women or the eldest used to wear simple colours and patterns, while the youngest wore colourful shirts.

The tradition and the beauty of Romanian blouses passed from generation to generation, leaving the small universe of traditional villages and invading towns and cities in all their spheres: paintings, photography, fashion houses, royal houses, emblems of feminity.

Ia represents an important part of the Romanian traditional costume, whose structure has remained unchanged over the centuries. Both for women and men, the shirt made from wool, hemp or linen is the basic piece, shirt that is tied round the waist with a belt called “brâu” (wider for men). For women, a traditional apron (in Romanian language: “catrință”, “fotă” or “șorț”) completes the traditional female costume. Men’s traditional clothing includes a white shirt, white trousers, a hat, a belt, waistcoat or overcoat. In nowadays rural regions of Romania, men can still be seen wearing fur hats, leather peasant sandals and traditional trousers (“ițari”). Women usually wear a printed woolen scarf and a traditional straw hat over it when working in the fields in summer.

A place where traditional Romanian costumes may be visited is the Romanian Traditional Costume Museum (opened daily from 10 am to 6 pm), located inside the House of Parliament, 4th Izvor Street, Bucharest.

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