Eugen Lozovan – Great Romanian Literary Historian

Eugen Lozovan, ©

Born on 2nd  of May 1929 in Bucharest, Eugen Lozovan completed his primary education and highschool courses at “Gheorghe Lazăr”. In 1947 he became student at the Faculty of Letters (University of Bucharest), “Roman Philology and General Linguistics” department.

With scholarships, he continued his studies in Paris (École Pratique des Hautes Études) and in Strassbourg. His debut as a writer took place in “Orbis” (Belgium magazine). He started to participate at international conferences and to travel in Western Europe and both American continents. In 1957 he became professor at the University of Copenhagen, status kept for the next 40 years. Receiving a Doctor “Honoris Causa” Title in 1968, he was also co-founder of the Romanian Academic Society of Rome and member of the Free International Academy of Science.

With studies on different domains published in many countries (especially philology and linguistics studies), Eugen was also interested in history (archeology), folklore, culture and civilization. With some literary “approach”, he wrote important studies related to linguistics and philology. For more than a decade, he was an arduous reviewer on Romanian literary phenomena and was also “dealing” with memoirs, translations and poetry.

His reference work is “Dacia Sacra” (printed in 1995), which includes studies of ancient and medieval Romanian history (Roman period in Dacian territory). With scientific rigor, this study, praised by world scientists, reveals Romanized Dacians’ importance in European history, regarding cultural and political spheres.

After a long period spent abroad and some “freedom spirit” during Romanian communist period, Eugen came back to his beloved country, but the atmosphere was totally different than his youth memories. Due to this fact, he compared himself with Ulise who left his Ithaca and, after returning, he found it completely changed. Back in Copenhagen, he continued writing, but he died shortly on 3rd  of December 1997.

After his death, “Eugen Lozovan” Foundation was brought to life in Denmark, foundation which supports Romanian students and teenagers to study ancient history, culture and civilization. Another place that keeps Lozovan memory alive is National Museum of Romanian Literature, housing a genuine literary treasure. Opened all week, except Mondays, the museum is located on 12 Dacia Boulevard, Bucharest.

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