Elisabeta Palace – House of Royal family of Romania

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Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest is the Royal palace, also known as the official residence of King Michael of Romania. Designed in 1930 by architect Mark Duiliu, it was built in 1936 for Queen Elizabeth of Greece, born as Princess of Romania (the first daughter of King Ferdinand I of Romania and Queen Mary, and sister of King Carol II of Romania).

King Michael’s palace (son of King Carol II of Romania) combines 2 main styles: Moorish and Romanian style – Brâncovenesc. It has a courtyard with tall trees and green gardens with bronze lions. The entrance has 2 Moorish towers which gives and overall ancient trace, enhanced by Elisabeta Pallace white walls. The interior is occupied by several lounges, reception rooms and two art galleries.

Inaugurated in 1937, the building did not offered housing for royal family for a long time. On 30 of December 1947, King Michael was forced to abdicate in one of the palace halls and, shortly, went in exile. During communism, the palace served as place for state protocol and, in the last decade of 20th century, it became hotel and restaurant. In 2001, Elisabeta Palace became the permanent and official residence of King Michael, as a former head of state. In present day, it is also the house of Princess Margarita and Prince Radu.

Elisabeta Palace defines its public identity, hosting dozens of events, meetings, dinners and interviews bringing together personalities from different public domains (artistic, cultural, business etc.). Works of contemporary Romanian artists from the Art Gallery are presented to those who are invited here. In addition to the Royal Family’s private spaces and public ones for events, the palace has also an office administration, a Royal Secretariat, a Protocol office and a Press office.

Place of Royal Romanian symbolism, artistic masterpieces, high moral values and tradition, Elisabeta Palace can be found in Bucharest, on 26 Kiseleff Road.

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